An amatuer musical group known as "The Pine Forest Wranglers." Picture was made in 1947/48. Garvis Anglin, son of Raymond & Reba (Bingham) Anglin, is in the forefront with a guitar. Behind Garvis, with a bass guitar, is Bill Reeves, son of Thomas & Tessie (Culpepper) Reeves. The tall fellow with the plaid shirt, behind them, is Charles Culpepper, son of Thomas Culpepper--and grandson of Robert Henry Luther Culpepper. In the front, on the left, is Edwin Craft with a fiddle. Short fellow in front, next to Ed, is unnamed. To Ed's left is Beverly Richey, son of Hurley and Alice (Bradford) Richey. In the extreme rear of the group is Thomas Reeves. The meeting was being held on the front porch of Thomas Reeve's home. That was the place where the group did most of their rehearsals. pneighbors1. 
An old Bethel Community school picture, probably in the 1890's. In the picture , in the third row in back, and the fourth individual from the left, is a tall girl. She is Glant Culpepper, Tessie (Culpepper) Reeves sister and daughter of Billy and Josephine Culpepper. Reportedly, there are several of her siblings in the picture. pneighbors4
The Chester Combs family, and horses, at their farm home near the Greenwood community. The farm was across the road from the Charley McClure homeplace. The house was built around 1895 by Thomas Jackson Combs. pneighbors3 

A session of Pine Forest Singing School in 1911..The instructor is the man sitting at the organ, L.W. Livingston. One person has been recognized in the group. He is Dalton Pogue (b.1892-d.1969). He is the fifth person from the right end in next to the last row. He became the husband of Dessa Minter, a daughter of "Gus" and Zelena (Reneau) Minter. On the back row 7th from left is John Chester Combs (b.189-d.1984). .pneighbors2
Another session of  the Pine Forest Singing School in 1912. The instructor is L.W. Livingston in the dark suit standing in the middle. Directly behind the instructor is .John Chester Combs (b.1894-d.1984). In the row next to the back row 2nd and 3rd from the left are, respectively, Suseanna (Combs) Brewer (b.1892-d.1988) and
Eva Leona (Bradford) Combs (b.1895-d.1984). pneighbors5
The old  Methodist church in Pine Forest. Jack Robinson, a Minter descendant, attended church here the first eleven years of his life, from 1917-1928. He remembers at least two Culpepper events being held there in the Church. One was one Sunday when Uncle Johnny Culpepper and Uncle Billy Culpepper. both together, attended the Services, and Uncle Johnny said benediction. The other event was the funeral services for Flager Culpepper, a young man who had been slain by a companion. pbldgs11
The Combs place as it appears today (June, 2003).  Combs descendants and the extended family are fixing the old place up along with holding reunions and other gatherings. Combs_Place.

Left:  William Elbert  (Will) Matthews (b.1898 d.1992). Will was 94 years old when he passed away. He was the son of Bennett Mancil Matthews (b.1859-d.1937). The Matthewses lived around Pine Forest and many of them are buried in the Pine Forest Cemetery. Here Will is holding a picture of James Selen Stout, an early frontiersman and long time resident of Pine Forest. Photo courtesy of Mollie (Matthews) White

The old Matthews homeplace at Pine Forest. The last word is that it is still standing (1979). It belonged to Benjamin Mansel Matthews (b.1859-d.1937). William O. Matthews (b.1792-d.1848) and two of his kinsmen came to Hopkins County in 1844 and settled in the Lollar's store area. The family spread out to Pine Forest, and many of them are buried in the Pine Forest cemetery. Photo courtesy Mollie (Matthews) White

Benjamin Mansel Matthews (b.1859-d.1937) holding his granddaughter Mollie Nell Matthews (b.) Photo courtesy Mollie (Matthews) White

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A session of Pine Forest Singing School. This was about 1911 and it was taught by Miss Beulah Williams at the home of Dr. Guy Z. Minter. The house which still stands (2006) was built around 1908. Girls on the back row are Lucille Lollar, Suseanna (Combs) Brewer, Eva Leona (Bradford) Combs, Jessie (Richey) Watkins, Alice (Bradford) Richey. Courtesy Gretta (Combs) Reich
Gathering of Pine Forest Civil War veterans on February 20, 1923. Front Row, L-R: Thomas Jackson Combs (b.1843-d.1927), Dick Crump (b.?-d.?), and Dave Turrentine (b.1845-d.1930). Back Row, L-R: Newt Patrick (b.1852-d.1930), John Culpepper (b.1835-d.1927), and Marion Dodd (b.?-d.?). Courtesy Gretta (Combs) Reich