Sandra (Kimmons) Minter, wife of  Carl Mikule "Mike" Minter. pjmm7
Joseph Morgan "Maug" Minter (b. 1841 - d. 1917) and his wife Ada Brittiania (Askew) Minter (b. 1846 - d. 1917). Maug was the 3rd son (4th child) of Joesph Thomas "Pappy" and Sarah Ann (Carter) Minter. pjmm6
Bessie Leola (Minter) Gassaway  (b. 1979 - d. 1967) and her husband Price P. Gassaway (b. 1879 - d. 1962). They had no children. Bessie is the daughter of Joseph Morgan "Maug" and Ada Minter. pjmm2
L to R: Wiona (Minter) Keller ( ), Virgina (Hayes) Minter () , Marie (Minter) Harwell (), Alice Ward (), Robert Brigman (), Mabel Olga McGarity (), Hazel (Minter) Ward (), Berry (Minter) Gibson (), Jess Cebron Minter (), Idabel (Templeton) Minter () with arms aroundSherry Lynn Roushey (), Joe Ward holding Sharon Roushey (), Sally (Minter) Roushey () behind son Steve Roushey (), Bob Shields (), Tina Shields () with broken arm, Barbra (Minter) Shields (), Mary Ann (Minter) Pleasant (b. 1933) holding son Brian (), Susan Pleasant (), Nub Keller (), and Richard Minter (). This was Jess's last family reunion. Picture taken in the spring of 1962 in Euless, Texas. pjmm1
Thomas Morgan Minter Sr. (b. 1937), son of . Adolphus "Joe" and Idabel (Templeton) Minter. pjmm4
L to R: Joseph Morgan Minter Jr. (), Idabel (Templeton) Minter (b. 1911 - d. 1980), Thomas Morgan Minter Sr. (b. 1937), Joe Bob Minter (b. 1932), Barbara Rose Minter (), Sally Minter (), Joseph Adolphus Minter (b. 1911 - d. 1977, and Mary Ann Minter (b. 1935). Taken in early 1950s in Dallas, Texas. pjmm3
L to R:  Joe Bob Minter (b.1932), William "Bill " Thurman (b. 1920 - d. 1995), and Patrick Paul "Pat"Minter (b. 1935). Bill Thurman was a character actor who appeared in over 60 films (see psamalbum1). pjmm5
Jesse Cebron Minter (b. 1889 - d. 1972) and his wife Virginia "Veg" (Hayes) Minter (b. 1891 - d. 1982). Jesse's father was Ada Brit Ana Minter and his grandfather was Joseph Morgan Minter. pjmm8
Mary Ann (Minter) Pleasant (b. 1935), daughter of Joseph  Adolphus "Joe" (b. 1911 - d. 1977) and Idabel (Templeton) Minter (b. 1911 -d. 1980). Mary Ann, lives in Pickton, Texas, down the road from Pine Forest. She has been a leader in the preservation and commemoration of the heritage of the Minters of Pine Forest. pjmm9
Carl Mikule "Mike" Minter (b. 1937), son of  Paul Mitchell (b. 1913) and Helen (Purcell) (b. 1917) Minter.  Mike shown here was master of ceremonies at the 1999 Minter Reunion. pgathering16a
Patrick  Paul "Pat" Minter (b. 1935) and his wife Bobbi (). Both are accomplished musical performers, and they provided  entertainment at the 1999 Minter Family Reunion in Pickton and . at the Memorial Service in Pine Forest. Pat is the son of ?. pgathering 17
Joseph Stephen "Steve" Minter (b.1974) and his wife, Rhonda, the night before their wedding in Decatur, Georgia, on October 3, 2003. Joseph Stephen is the son of Joseph David Minter (b.1954), who is the son of Joe Bob Minter (b.1932).  pjmm8
Joseph Aaron Minter (b.2004),  son of Joseph Stephen "Steve" Minter (b.1974).  pjmm7
         Joseph Morgan "Maug" Minter (1841-1917)
                                - Descendants -
Joseph was the 4th child born to Pappy and Sarah Minter. He was 14 years old when the family moved  from Georgia to Texas. He served in the Civil War from 1861-1865.  Maug and his wife, Ada, would eventually have 10 children. The farmed south of Bethel, Texas, which was a few miles from Pine Forest. Many of this line of the family are buried in Pickton Cemetery.