Although we have formed an association called The Minters of Pine Forest Family Association and have referred to ourselves on this web site and elsewhere as The Minters of Pine Forest, it would be more inclusive if we were known as the Descendants of John Morgan Minter (b.1792--d.1856).

As descendants of John Morgan the Pine Forest Minters have other family that are seldom mentioned and of whom not much is known. Oliver Hunter Minter (b. abt 1828--d. ?), a son of John Morgan, came to Pine Forest in 1855 with the family, and then shortly thereafter moved on with his family to the vicinity of Shreveport, Louisana. Another son of John Morgan, John Robert Minter, Sr. (b.1820--d.1903), did not migrate to Texas with the rest of the family in 1855, but instead remained in Georgia with his family in the vicinity of Buena Vista.

As time unfolds we would like to fill in the two place settings of Oliver Hunter and John Robert and their descendants. The below is a first step in that direction, beginning with the descendants of John Robert.
Martha Minter (Monk) Beasley (b. 1922) and her husband Thomas Edward Beasley (b. ?). Martha is a great granddaughter of John Robert Minter, Sr. (b. 1820--d. 1903) and Mary Ann (McGough) Minter (b. 1831 -- d. 1871).  She is a retired Minter researcher and a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution. pjrm1 & pjrm2