Thomas J. Minter (b.1931) and Mary Earle Hood (b.?), daughter of Rose (Minter) Woods (b.1900 - d. 1949). Rose was the daughter of Joseph T. "Joe" and Josephine "Joanna" (Turner) Minter. This picture was made at the Minter Reunion of 1999. pjtm7
Thomas J. Minter (b.1931), son of Olvis and Lottie (Jennings) Minter. This is Thomas's 1945 Saltillo school picture. pjtm1
Betty Lou (Minter) Gaetz, daughter of Olvis and Lottie (Jennings) Minter. pjtm2
Mary Earle Hood (b.?), daughter of Rose (Minter) Woods (b.1900 - d. 1949); Mary Evelyn (Hurst) Faison (b.? - d. 1999), daughter of  Tommie (Minter) Hurst (b. 1890 - d. 1961) and granddaughter of  Joseph T. "Joe" and Josephine "Joanna" (Turner) Minter; and John Faison (b.? ). John is the husband of Mary Evelyn.This picture was made in the summer of 1988. pjtm3
Steven Wade Mason (b.1979), son of Michael and Vicki (Minter) Mason. United States Naval Academy Picture made in 1999. Steve is in the 2003 class. pjtm6
L-R: Virginia (Minter) Pickett, Billie Grace (Minter) Reynolds, Mary Kathryn Minter, Mary Ann (Minter) Pleasant, and Eva (Robinson) Felger. Mary Kathryn Minter is the daughter of John and Birdie Minter, grandaughter of Joseph T. and Josephine (Turner) Minter. pickettetal
1. Jack Elijah Turner (b.1870 - d. 1945); 2. Minnie Ola  (Turrentine) Turner (b.1871 - d.1970), Jack's wife; 3. Allen Serrell (b. ? - d. ?); 4. Virginia (Minter) Pickett (b. ? - d. ?); 5. Robert John Minter (b. 1896 - d. 1957); 6. Birdie (Kimbrell) Minter (b. 1896 - d.?), Robert John's wife; 7. Rebecca (Atkins) Minter (b.? - d.?); 8. Gussie (Minter) Everett (b. ? - d. ?); and 9. Mary Kathryn Minter (b. ?), daughter of Robert John and Birdie Minter. pjtm8
Lynn Jones (b.1879 - d.1962), son of Edwin Ware Jones (b.1857 - d.1941) and Sarah (Minter) Jones (b.1861 - d.1886). pjtm11
Alice Jones (b.1883 - d.1974), wife of Lynn Jones. pjtm10
Edwin Ware Jones (b.1857 - d.1941), husband of  Sarah (Minter) Jones (b.1861 - d.1886). Sarah was the daughter of John Thomas Minter (b.1837 - d.1866) and Mary (Craft) Minter (b.1842 - d.1920). pjtm9
Right: Olvis J. Minter (b. 1904 - d. 1970), son of Joseph T. "Joe" and Josephine "Joanna" (Turner) Minter. pjtm12
The Dilworth family:  John Dilworth Jr. (b. ?),  Jacob Jackson "Jake" Dilworth (b. 1994),  Justen  Dilworth (b.1998), Kelly Rene (Minter) Dilworth (b.1961), and John Dilworth (b.1961). Kelly is the daughter of Thomas and Faye (Phillips) Minter. pjtm13.
Joseph T. "Joe" Minter (b.1866-d.1912), son of John Thomas ( b.1837-d.1866) and Mary (Craft) Minter (b.1842-d.1920). The year Joe died, three other Minters also passed on: Joe's wife, Joanna (Turner) Minter; Sylvanus Abner Minter, and the young son of Guy Z. Minter, Guy Forrest Minter. pjtm25. .
This is a picture of Joseph T. "Joe" Minter (b.1866-d.1912) as a young man. Joe is the son of John Thomas (b.1837-d.1866) and Mary (Craft) Minter (b.1842-d.1920).  pjtm26
Neely (Jones) Russell (b.1884-d.1969); her daughter, Ruth Russell (b.1901-d.1992); Neely's son, Malcolm Earl Russell (b.1905-d.1990); Neely's husband, Malcolm Doyal Russell (b.1873-d.1965). pjtm35
1. Thomas J. White (b.1849-d.1924) 2. Malcolm Doyal Russell (b.1873-d.1965) 3. Morris Claude Russell (b.1909) 4.  Dorma (Minter) White (b.1858-d.1933) 5. Malcolm Earl Russell (b.1905-d.1990) 6. Neely (Jones) Russell circa 1912/1915.    pjtm36
Left: Larry Hughett (b.1936-d.1995), nephew of  Ruth (Hughett). Standing in Back: Morris Russell; Donald Alan Russell (b.1938). Right: Robert Morris Russell (b.1934) Picture was made at Cleburne, Texas, in the early 1940s.. pjtm37
E. P. L. Russell  (b.1953); Ruth Russell (b.1901-d.1992): Neely (Jones) Russell (b.1884-d.1969). Picture made at Cleburne, Texas, 1967-68.. pjtm38
Ruth (Hughett) Russell (b.1912-d.1998), Lisa Michelle Russell (b.1963),  and Joy Lee (Johnson) Russell. circa early 1960s. pjtm39
Katharine and Samantha Rohrich with their 8 week old West Highland White Terrier (Westie) in July, 2003.. They named him "Kirby." The girls' maternal grandparents are Thomas J. and Faye (Phillips) Minter. pjtm44
Don Alan Russell (b.1938),  Gary Don Russell (b.1959), and Ruth (Hughett) Russell. cira early 1960s. pjtm40
Drs. Thomas J. Minter and Nicholas "Nick" Kissoff at Engineering Exposition at the University of Toledo in December of 2004. pjtm50
                John Thomas Minter  (1837-1866)
                                - Descendants -
John was the first child born to Pappy and Sarah Minter.He was 8 years old when the family moved from Georgia to Texas. He served in the Civil War as a 2nd Lt. under his uncle Captain Sylvanus Abner Minter.  He died in August of 1866 at 29 years old. It has been suggested that he died of pneumonia. His wife Mary (Craft) Minter, who was born in 1842, died in 1920.