Martha Eugenia "Mattie" (Minter) Denney (b.1858-d.1907), youngest daughter of Joseph Thomas "Pappy" (b.1818-d.1888) and Sarah Ann (Carter) Minter (b.1820-d.1900) Martha's husband, John H. Denney, was a partner in a leading farm store in Sulphur Springs, Texas. When John died, Martha married a cousin, Mack O. Minter (b.1853-d .1925). Mack continued to operate the family business. Mattie's older sister,  and her husband, were a great help during this period. pmem10 Click on:Dollie.
Marlyn C.Denney  (b.1885-d.1946), son of Martha (Minter) Denney and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891).  pmem4
Lillian (Denney) Pounds (b.1889-d.1972), daughter of Martha (Minter) Denney and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891). She married Henry Edgar Pounds in 1913. pmem3
The occasion of this gathering  is unknown. The lady in the black dress, top center, is Dorothy Brooks "Aunt Dolly" (Minter) Stephens (b.1848-d.1920). The second lady from the right in the front row is Ruby (Denney) Pate (b.1880-d.1946), daughter of Martha (Minter) Denney (b.1858-d.1907) and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891). pmem1
Ruby (Denney) Pate (b.1880-d.1946), daughter of Martha (Minter) (b.1858-d.1907) Denney and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891). She was the granddaughter of Joseph Thomas "Pappy" Minter and Sarah Ann (Carter) Minter. She married Edwin Bruce Pate in 1898. They lived in Sulphur Springs, Texas;
later moved to Austin. pmem2
Mack C. Denney (b.1887-d.1905), son  of Martha (Minter) Denney and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891). pmem6
Ruby Denney (b.1880-d.1946), daughter of Martha (Minter) (b.1858-d.1907) Denney and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891). pmem6
Edna (Minter) Greenwood (b. 1878 - d. 1961), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anthony Minter.  pram182. Note: Although Edna, shown here, was not a part of Martha's immediate family, she was a close niece of Martha's, and lived with her while attending school in Sulphur Springs.
Martha Eugenia "Mattie" (Minter) Denney (1858-1907)
                                - Descendants -
Mattie was the first child, and next to the last of ten children, to be born to Pappy and Sarah Minter after they moved to Texas in 1855. Gus, the baby, was the last.
Mack C. Denney (b.1887-d.1905), son  of Martha (Minter) Denney and John H. Denney (b.1854-d.1891). Mack is shown here with his wife, Ruth Nell (Pate) (b.1888-d.?). She was the sister of Ruby Denney's husband. Mack and Ruth Nell were only married a few months when he died of complications of hemorrhoid surgery. She remarried and had children. pmem7 & pmem8
O. M. Pate's Hardware Store & Blacksmith Shop. Oscar Mortimer Pate (b.1855-d.1942) was Ruby (Denney) Pate's father-in-law. This picture was made before the death of Mack C. Denney (b.1887-d.1905), because he worked there and is in  this picture. From Left to Right:  1. Jno. W. Pate, Big Daddy's father 2. H. L. Ardis 3. Unknown, almost hidden 4. Jno. B. Ninnant, blacksmith 5. Unknown 6. Unknown 7. Mack C. Denney 8. E. B. Pate 9. H. W. Tapp 10. O. M. Pate. pmem11a
E. B. Pate, Sr. Wholesale Grocery Business located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. This picture was taken in 1915. The men on the loading dock are, L-R, an unnamed neighbor in overalls, Oscar Mortimer Pate, Edwin Bruce Pate, Sr., owner, and the owner's son Fred Mortimer Pate (b.1899-d1976). Fred was 16 years old at the time, and he helped out with work at the business. When he reached age 17, he ran away from dental school to enlist in the Army, to be sent to Europe (Belguim, France, etc.), and to fight in World War I. He was too young to enlist, but he, nevertheless, was able to do son in El Paso, Texas, where records evidently were not checked thoroughly. pmem12
This group was on a birding tour at Rockport, Texas in xxxx of xxxx. Fifth from left is Martha Eugenia (Griffin) Nailling (b.?) Second from left is Martha's husband, Robert A. Nailling (b.?). 8th and 9th from the left is Lindsay I. Griffin III. (b.?) and his wife, Patriicia (Mitchel) Griffin (b.?). Lindsay is Martha's brother. pmem13

I am in the process of writing the story of the Minters of Pine Forest. I am currently at year 1889 . . . the year after Pappy's death.  After I have finished, I will go back and do a re-write, including any changes and additions. I you have any information, no matter how scant, that has been passed down about family members that would help bring out their character and the context in which they lived their lives, I would greatly appreciate receiving it. You can send it to me or to Jack Robinson.
Thomas J. Minter
Jan, 2005
Fred Mortimer Pate (b.1899-d.1976). Fred was Ruby (Denney) Pate's eldest child. He is shown on the loading dock of his father's grocery business elsewhere here. In 1922 he married Blix Holbrook (b.1899-d.1973).pmem14
Blix Mary (Pate) Kennedy (b.1926-d.1975, daughter of Fred and Blix (Holbrook) Pate. pmem15
Blix Mary (Pate) Kennedy. pmem16
Fred Mortimer Pate as a young boy. pmem17
Lillian Ruth "Lou" Pate  (b.1904-d.1982), daughter of Ruby (Denney) and Edwin Bruce Pate, Sr. In 1925 Lou married James Hamilton Muckleroy, Sr. (b.?-d.1972). They had two children. Jim was murdered as a robbery victim in 1972 in Collin County, Texas. pmem18
Lillian Ruth "Lou" Pate as a young girl. pmem19
Another picture of Lillian Ruth "Lou" Pate as a young girl. pmem20
Lillian Ruth "Lou" Pate with her second husband, Martin Adler (b.?-d.?). They were married about 1940, and had no children. pmem21
Janet (Muckleroy) Faulkner (b.1925), daughter of Lillian Ruth (Pate) and James Hamilton Muckleroy. Janet married Wendell Dugger Faulkner, Sr. They had four sons. The family lived in Pecos, Texas, for many years until Wendell's death. he is buried there.Afterwards, Janet moved to Austin, Texas, where she now lives. pmem22
James Hamilton Muckleroy, Jr. (b.1930), son of Lillian Ruth (Pate) and James Hamilton Muckleroy.  pmem23
Dorothy Eugenia (Pate) Orton (b.1908-d.2003), was Ruby (Denney) Pate's third child, second daughter. In 1931 she married Greer Wade Orton (b.?-d.1969). He had an executive position with Texaco, and it is said that he and Dorothy traveled and lived all over the world. They retired In Sulphur Springs.  pmem26
Another picture of Dorothy Eugenia (Pate) Orton (b.1908-d.2003).  pmem25
Another picture of Dorothy Eugenia (Pate) Orton (b.1908-d.2003).  pmem24
Alice Ann Orton (b.1937), only child of  Dorothy Eugenia (Pate) and Greer Wade Orton. Alice now lives in Dallas with her third husband, and she has no children. pmem27
Wedding day  picture on November 9, 1939 of Alice Cornelia "Honey" (Pate) Griffin (b. 1920). Alice was a daughter of Ruby (Denney) and Edwin B. Pate Sr. pmem28
A picture of Alice Cornelia "Honey" Pate as a child. pmem29
A picture of Alice Cornelia "Honey" Pate as a child in her role of a "bride" at a Tom Thumb wedding. Tom Thumb weddngs, it seems, were all the rage in the 1920's. Evidently they were entertainment at bridal showers in those days. "Honey" liked to brag that she was married five times before the first grade.. pmem30
Alice Cornelia "Honey" (Pate) Griffin and her husband, Lindsay I. Griffin Jr. as they stroll down the street. pmem31
Alice Cornelia "Honey" (Pate) Griffin in her kitchen. pmem32
Alice Cornelia "Honey" (Pate) Griffin with her daughter, Martha E. (Griffin) Nailling (b.1938), in January of 2005. pmem33
Andrew Carey Nailling (b. 1971), David Lindsay  Nailling (b. 1981), Martha E. (Griffin) Nailing, and Robert A. Nailling (b.?) in back. This is Martha's family. Her husband, Robert, is an attorney, and he is General Counsel at Tractebel LNG North America in Houston, Texas. Andrew "Drew' is the bookkeeper for a large Jewelry distributor in Dallas, Texas. David has just got started as a high school history teacher in Austin, Texas. pmem34
Lindsay I. Griffin III (b.1945) and his wife Patricia (Mitchell) Griffin (b.?). They were married in 1971, and have no children together, but have raised Patricia's two boys, Todd and Drew Herndon. Lindsay is an experiment phychologist . . . an expert in traffic safety. He recently retired from the Texas Transportation Institute, and now consults and lectures. Lindsay is Alice and Lindsay Griffin Jr's son.pmem35 & pmem36a
E. B. Pate Sr. (b.?) and his grandson, Lindsay I Griffin III (b.1945). pmem37
Left: Fred Pate (b.1899-d.1976), eldest son of Martha (Minter) Denney. Right: Raymond Grey Minter (b.1901-d.1953), son of Martha's brother, Sylvanus Olvier  At the time this picture was made, Martha (Minter) Denney was keeping the boys at her home. One day she called Ruby (Denney) Pate, Fred's mother, and told her that she could no longer keep the boys without help, because they had been upon the roof all afternoon and had refused to come down! pmem38
Katheryn Eloise Pate (b.1949), twins Julia (b.abt. 1955) and Douglas Pate (b.abt. 1955-d. 1996)), and Edwin Bruce Pate III (b. abt. 1951). These are the children of Edwin Bruce Pate Jr. (b.1916-d.1994) and Eloise (Collins) Pate (b.1915-d.1996). pmem39
Edwin Bruce Pate Jr. (b. 1916-d.1994) and his wife, Eloise (Collins) Pate (b.1915 - d.1996). Edwin was the son of Edwin Bruce Pate Sr. (b.? -d.?) and Ruby (Denney) Pate (b.1880-d.1946). pmem40 & pmem41
A business of O. M. Pate's in Sulphur Springs, Texas. It is said that this building still exists. It is between S. Davis Street and Texas Street just north of the L.A. & T. railroad tracks. In the 1930's the building is remembered as a meat packing plant. This may be a part of the building shown above, as a Wholesale Grocery business. The automobile parked nearby would indicate the picture was made in the 1920's. pmem42
L-R:  Dorothy (Pate) Orton (b.1908-d.2003), Alice Cornelia "Honey" (Pate) Griffin (b. 1920), and Dorothy's husband, Greer W. Orton (b.1907-d.1969). pmem43
A newspaper account of the
Pate-Denney wedding on August 14, 1898.

Mack Denney standing at the right. pmem44                                   
More identification and details needed.
Mary Elizabeth (Dey) Hill ( b.1892-d.1977), wife of Dr. Samuel Hill, with daughter, Mary Jane Hill Mclaughlin (b.1920d.2001). pmem46